Grandstands DFS Preview & May 13th MLB Optimal Lineup

Grandstand Bettors is by far not professional in the Daily Fantasy Sports world.  However, the average bettor loves to dip their feet into these games with the allure of winning $100k and we have found that if you are patient and do some homework you can make a couple grand a month!

The reality of the matter is that you are not going to be able to get that big time score.  This is solely based on you need $30,000 just to begin to compete with putting 150 lineups into the tournaments.

So why bother at all? There is money to be made if you have the patience and bankroll management to do so.  For instance if your continually making the money with your lineups your bankroll will grow.  You also will have moderate scores, between $100-500 more often if you follow our proven lineup!

Follow us on here and we will give you optimal lineups that can help you build that sports betting bankroll!

Today Monday, May 13 MLB Optimal Lineup

Fan Duel: Beat the Score – 125 needed

P  B. Peacock – $8500

C/1B  J. Realmuto – $3200

2B  M. Moustakas – $3300

3B  T. Shaw – $2200

SS  F. Lindor – $3600

OF  M. Haniger $3600

OF  S. Ohtani $3500

OF  J. Dyson $2800

UTI  C. Correa $4000